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camicroscope: a web-based image viewer optimized for large bio-medical image data viewing

caMicroscope is a web-based biomedical image and data viewer, with a strong emphasis on cancer pathology WSI (Whole Slide Imaging).

Popular repositories

  1. Digital pathology image viewer with support for human/machine generated annotations and markups.

    JavaScript 139 136

  2. GSOC Public

    Self-Contained Project Ideas from caMicroscope (Ideal for GSoC or small grants)

    29 6

  3. Distro Public

    Docker distribution of camicroscope and all its components

    PHP 18 52

  4. Caracal Public

    Conslidated Backend, Auth, and Security Services for caMicroscope

    JavaScript 10 30

  5. Sample Models for use with caMicroscope

    Jupyter Notebook 4 3

  6. caMicroscope organization page

    HTML 3 7


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