Automate the creation of vms on KVM
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Automate the creation of CoreOs and Ubuntu vms on KVM


  • ruby
  • git
  • qemu-img
  • virt-install
  • virsh
  • wget
  • bzip2
  • dd
  • gzip
  • perl
  • libxml-simple-perl
  • libsys-virt-perl

Configure the virtualization host following these steps


Get the latest version

git clone --depth 1
cd kvm-automation
git pull --rebase origin master

Create a CoreOs vm

ruby vm_task.rb CoreOsVmCreationTask \
    --path ~/vms/ \
    --name vm1 \
    --img ~/vm-templates/coreos_production_qemu_image.img \
    --key ~/vm-templates/

Create an Ubuntu vm

ruby vm_task.rb UbuntuVmCreationTask \
    --path ~/vms/ \
    --name vm2 \
    --os-variant "ubuntu16.04" \
    --img ~/vm-templates/ubuntu-16.04.2-server-amd64.iso
# At this point the command will display the vm's mac address and vnc port  
# From your host vnc to `vmhost.local:<VNC_PORT>` and finish the installation  

Restore an Ubuntu vm

ruby vm_task.rb UbuntuVmRestoreTask \
    --path ~/vms/ \
    --name vm3 \
    --os-variant "ubuntu16.04" \
    --img ~/vm-backups/vm1/20170701000000/vm1/vm1_vda.img.gz

Shrink a vm HDD

sudo ruby vm_task.rb HddShrinkTask --path ~/vms/ --name vm3

Backup a vm

sudo ruby vm_task.rb VmBackupTask --path ~/vm-backups/ --name vm1

Get the path for the latest vm backup

ruby vm_task.rb ReadVmBackupPathTask --path ~/vm-backups/ --name vm1

Destroy a vm

ruby vm_task.rb VmDeletionTask --path ~/vms/ --name vm1

Delete all vm backups

sudo ruby vm_task.rb DeleteAllVmBackupsTask --path ~/vm-backups/ --name vm1

Get the mac address of a vm

ruby vm_task.rb ReadVmMacTask --name vm1

Get the vnc infomation of a vm

ruby vm_task.rb ReadVmVncInfoTask --name vm1