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A cookiecutter template for using cppyy to generate python bindings for c++ code
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Build Status License: MIT

A cookiecutter template for using cppyy to generate python bindings for c++ code


Install cookiecutter command line: pip install cookiecutter


Generate a new Cookiecutter template layout: cookiecutter gh:camillescott/cookiecutter-cppyy-cmake

You will then be prompted to fill in the values for your project. The project name can contain spaces; by default, they will be replaced by dashes for the repo name (the name of the generated folder with the project skeleton) and underscores for the package name (the name of the python package for the generated bindings). cpp_lib_name is the name of the C++ library being wrapped; it should be different from the pkg_name. You needn't prefix it will "lib," as this will be done for the resulting shared libraries by CMake. The cpp_namespace is the project namespace for the generated code. You don't necessarily need to keep this in your final project, but for the love of god please namespace your C++ libraries...

See cppyy-knn for an example project. cppyy-bbhash is also based on this template, though CMakeLists.txt is modified to generate a static library.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License

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