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This project contains all necessary files to patch and compile the original Torcs 1.3.1 sources into a bundled Mac OS X application using Xcode.

The Xcode project is based on previous work by Stephen Hudson and others, with vast changes to streamline the build, leverage the existing Torcs makefiles for installing data, and reduce the size of the final application bundle. The Mac-specific changes to the source code have been redone to minimize impact (for instance, there is now no need to change the way learning and tmath headers are included). As a result, this port should be easier to maintain and adapt to future versions of Torcs.

Camillo Lugaresi

How to install

  • Download the Torcs 1.3.1 source package from SourceForge: torcs-1.3.1.tar.bz2
  • Extract it, and put the MacTorcs folder inside the torcs-1.3.1 folder
  • Open the Torcs project
  • Build the "Apply patch" target to patch the source code for Mac support
  • Build the "" target to build Torcs as a Mac application
  • Enjoy!

How to add a driver

  • Duplicate one of the existing driver targets (eg "") and rename it as appropriate (eg "")
  • Double-click the new target, go to the "Build" tab and change the product name (eg "newdriver")
  • Expand the new target and remove all files from the Compile Sources phase
  • Add the new driver's source files to the project; choose to add them to the new target you just set up
  • Add the new target to "All Dynamic Libraries" (drag it)
  • Double-click on the "Install drivers" phase in the "" target and add your to the input files (follow the pattern).


  • Save settings in the Preferences folder instead of modifying the application bundle.