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porperties to check:

  • no switch on-off too fast (thx to hysteresis)


  • the volume of water pumped per minute is << than the volume of water inside the tank and inside the collector (this allows us to do a discrete time approximulation)


sensore ogni minuto

TD va bene, ma NON periodo = 1 min


ci potrebbe essere un ritardo nel sensore <- if we want to do this, we'll use a separate thermometer component that introduces a delay

LED manutenzione <-- it's already the maintenance predicate in the system

moving axioms to future for optimizing checking

another thing we can add:

Work for next time: Lydumil: sensor, report on water_container, collector, tank Camillo: report on overall system, controller, sensor, think of how to implement a time-continuous model Davide: report on pump, tap, maintainer

davide's availability: NOT( wed 10-12, 14-16 thu 8-10, 14-16 ) lyudmil's availability: https://tungle.me/lyudmilangelov

things to check for verification:

if the tank has hot enough water, and the