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NEWS file for the Application Heartbeats Project (Heartbeats)
Heartbeats official website:
The latest release of Heartbeats is always available in two
alternative formats from:
You can download the latest release of Heartbeats from:
There is a google group for discussion about the development of
Heartbeats at
Please read the README file if you are interested in having more
information on how to use the Heartbeats framework
Please read the TODO file if you are interested in being informed on the
ongoing works. You can also find a list of issues at:
Feb 3, 2010
Released the 1.1 version of the Heartbeats framework
- Fixed a bug in the makefile to support the shared-memory version of the heartbeats framework
- Included the possibility to create and delete the documentation using the makefile
Feb 2, 2010
- Released the first version of the Heartbeats framework
- First version of the documentation created with Doxygen
- The first release contains two examples on how to use the Heartbeats:
lat.c: Latency example
tp.c: Throughput example