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@camilosampedro camilosampedro released this Dec 10, 2016 · 51 commits to master since this release

Aton now has these new features:

  • It now saves password hashes instead of the raw password.
  • Aton does not rely into MySQL, instead it is now using H2 embedded database.
  • Developers can now execute a full Ubuntu environment with Aton using Vagrant
  • Some tests have been developed for ensuring application wellbeign.
  • Translations to French, Italian, German and Portuguese added.
  • Some minor server problems fixed.
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@camilosampedro camilosampedro released this Sep 30, 2016 · 153 commits to master since this release

On this release, Aton has this features:

  • Computer, room and laboratory adding to database.
  • Computer state checking using SSH. It checks:
    • If there's access to the computer via SSH.
    • Operating system on the computer.
    • Logged in users.
    • Computer's Mac.
  • Custom SSH orders sending to computer, including buttons for:
    • Shutdown.
    • Reboot.
    • Upgrade.
    • Block a page.
  • SSH order logs shown on a page, showing the username who sent it.
  • Users suggestion page, opened to everyone who wants to send you a suggestion.
  • Suport for:
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (Debian/Linux Mint might work too).
    • ArchLinux (Manjaro might work too).
    • RHEL (Not tested but It can be compiled from source with activator rpm:packageBin).
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Sep 30, 2016
ComputerControllerTest's injected classes fixed
Sep 29, 2016
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