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How to install Aton

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How to install Aton

The following instruction explains how to install Aton in your computer laboratory.

In this document, "Aton" will refer to the manager application, a single installation is required for this instance; and it will be used "managed computers" for refering to the computers that will be managed by the Aton installation.

Take a route depending on your manager operating system

Manager installation process will vary depending on the operating system where you want to install Aton into. It is recommended to be installed on a Windows 10 or Ubuntu 16.04+ machine.

Aton Ubuntu install guide

Here it is a step by step guide on how to install it.

1. Dependencies

First you will need to install Aton's dependencies: SSH, Java 8 and MySQL 5.7. This guide will not cover this topics as it could change between Ubuntu versions or other Debian distributions. These links provide information about these process:

2. Downloading Aton

Aton installation files can be found on releases page, for Ubuntu you can choose the latest release's .deb file and download it.

3. Installing Aton

After downloading, you can proceed to install Aton .deb:

3.1. Installing graphically

  1. Look for the file with your file manager (Might be on Downloads folder).
  2. Open the file with GDebi, which is a graphical Debian packages installer.
  3. Install Aton with GDebi

3.2. Installing with the terminal

  • Go to the download folder:
cd ~/Downloads
  • Execute installation command:
dpkg -i aton_<version>_all.deb

4. Execute MySQL script

After installing Aton package (.deb), it is neccesary to execute a MySQL script which initializes the database. The script can be found in /usr/share/aton/conf/default/create.sql, to execute it, you can execute this command on your terminal:

mysql -u root -p < /usr/share/aton/conf/default/create.sql

And enter the password (It might not show characters as you type, it is normal, just enter your password and press enter).

5. Opening Aton

Now you are ready for opening Aton. For that, you can open your browser and go to localhost:9000. Default user is:

  • username: admin
  • password: adminaton

Aton Windows install guide

This section has not been done as it is not tested yet.

Prepare managed computers

The computers that will be managed with Aton just need to have installed SSH. Installation varies between operating systems and distribution. For Windows, it is necessary to have Chocolatey.

Installing SSH on Ubuntu

To install SSH on Ubuntu:

  • Execute on the terminal sudo apt-get install openssh-server.
  • Type the password and press enter. (It might not show characters as you type, this is normal, type them anyways and press enter)
  • Confirm installation.

Installing Chocolatey and SSH on Windows

First you will have to download and install Chocolatey, installation instructions can be found on Chocolatey website.

After installing Chocolatey, you can easily install openssh package with it. Just open a Powershell or cmd and type and follow instructions if any:

choco install openssh 
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