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Clean plugin for Vim




  • Syntax highlighting for Clean and ABC code and Clean project files
  • Simple indentation rules for Clean
  • Switching between definition and implementation module
  • Automatic imports based on tagfiles (see below)
  • Jumping to definition and implementation based on tagfiles (see below)
  • Detailed information about things based on tagfiles (see below)
  • Compiler specifications for clm and cpm, including errorformats
  • Cloogle integration (requires curl)
  • Access to the plugin manual via :h clean. Make sure to run :helptags at least once to update the helpfiles.

Tip: tagfiles

Use clean-cloogle/cloogle-tags to build a tagsfile (:h tags) on /opt/clean/lib, and add setlocal tags+=/opt/clean/lib/tags to your .vim/after/ftplugin/clean.vim. Then you can use Ctrl-] to jump to a definition (for instance).

Or, better, use \dt and friends to jump to definitions and implementations. See :h clean-jumping-to-definitions for an overview of the available commands.

With cloogle-tags 0.5+, detailed information about things can be shown in the statusline, for instance with

set statusline+=%{cleanvim#tags#statusline()}