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Copyright 2014 The Camlistore Authors
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
// Package nodeattr contains constants for permanode attribute names.
// For all date values in RFC 3339 format, Camlistore additionally
// treats the special timezone offset -00:01 (one minute west of UTC)
// as meaning that the local time was known, but the location or
// timezone was not. Usually this is from EXIF files.
package nodeattr // import ""
const (
// Type is the Camlistore permanode type ("camliNodeType").
// Importer-specific ones are of the form "".
// Well-defined ones are documented in doc/schema/claims/attributes.txt.
Type = "camliNodeType"
// CamliContent is "camliContent", the blobref of the permanode's content.
// For files or images, the camliContent is fileref (the blobref of
// the "file" schema blob).
CamliContent = "camliContent"
// CamliContentImage is "camliContentImage", for when CamliContent is
// already set to the blobref of a non-image.
CamliContentImage = "camliContentImage"
// DateCreated is in RFC 3339
// format.
DateCreated = "dateCreated"
// StartDate is, the start date
// and time of the event or item, in RFC 3339 format.
StartDate = "startDate"
// DateModified is, in RFC 3339
// format.
DateModified = "dateModified"
// DatePublished is in RFC
// 3339 format.
DatePublished = "datePublished"
// TODO(mpl): ask Brad what he wants. The original DueDate from the .py code (which is not in, or that.
// PaymentDueDate is in RFC
// 3339 format.
PaymentDueDate = "paymentDueDate"
// Title is
Title = "title"
// Description is
// Value is plain text, no HTML, newlines are newlines.
Description = "description"
// Content is "content", used e.g. for the content of a tweet.
// TODO: define this more
Content = "content"
// URL is the item's original or origin URL.
URL = "url"
// LocationText is free-flowing text definition of a location or place, such
// as a city name, or a full postal address.
LocationText = "locationText"
Altitude = "altitude"
Latitude = "latitude"
Longitude = "longitude"
// StreetAddress is
StreetAddress = "streetAddress"
// AddressLocality is
// City, town, village, etc. name, plus any additional locality
// information, such as suburb name. Not as restricted as
// the UK postal meaning.
AddressLocality = "addressLocality"
// PostalCode is
PostalCode = "postalCode"
// AddressRegion is
// Region, or state name.
AddressRegion = "addressRegion"
// AddressCountry is
AddressCountry = "addressCountry"
// GivenName is
GivenName = "givenName"
// FamilyName is
FamilyName = "familyName"
// CamliPathOrderColon is the prefix "camliPathOrder:".
// The attribute key should be followed by a uint64. The attribute value
// is an existing value of a camliPath element.
// CamliPathOrder optionally sorts sets already using "camliPath:foo" keys.
// The integers do not need to be contiguous, nor 0- (or 1-) based.
CamliPathOrderColon = "camliPathOrder:"
// DefaultVisibility is "camliDefVis", which affects the default
// visibility of the concerned permanode in the web UI.
DefaultVisibility = "camliDefVis"
// Version is
Version = "version"
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