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// Code generated by reactGen. DO NOT EDIT.
package downloadbutton
import ""
type DownloadItemsBtnElem struct {
func (d DownloadItemsBtnDef) ShouldComponentUpdateIntf(nextProps react.Props, prevState, nextState react.State) bool {
res := false
res = d.Props() != nextProps.(DownloadItemsBtnProps) || res
return res
func buildDownloadItemsBtn(cd react.ComponentDef) react.Component {
return DownloadItemsBtnDef{ComponentDef: cd}
func buildDownloadItemsBtnElem(props DownloadItemsBtnProps, children ...react.Element) *DownloadItemsBtnElem {
return &DownloadItemsBtnElem{
Element: react.CreateElement(buildDownloadItemsBtn, props),
// IsProps is an auto-generated definition so that DownloadItemsBtnProps implements
// the interface.
func (d DownloadItemsBtnProps) IsProps() {}
// Props is an auto-generated proxy to the current props of DownloadItemsBtn
func (d DownloadItemsBtnDef) Props() DownloadItemsBtnProps {
uprops := d.ComponentDef.Props()
return uprops.(DownloadItemsBtnProps)
func (d DownloadItemsBtnProps) EqualsIntf(val react.Props) bool {
return d == val.(DownloadItemsBtnProps)
var _ react.Props = DownloadItemsBtnProps{}
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