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0.7.5 (trunk)
* Fix regression on init for rsync repositories
0.7.4 [Oct 2012]
* improve 'opam pin': the code is more robust and it is now possible to pin a package to a git repository
* add support for patches per package
* add 'opam swith -import <file>' and 'opam switch -export <file>'
0.7.3 [Sep 2012]
* Better user-message when no solution is found
* Improve the minimality of installed packages
0.7.2 [Sep 2012]
* Fix regression in init introcuced in 0.7.0
* Fix regression in update introduced in 0.7.0
0.7.1 [Sep 2012]
* Remove forgotten debug statement
0.7.0 [Sep 2012]
* report upgrade statistic on update
* do no ask y/n when installing compiler's base packages
* improve opam-mk-repo
* fix 'opam search' to be caseless
* ability to filter some commands (depending on some predicates) in opam file
* improvments when packages disapear upstream
* check for ocaml 3.12.1 on configure
* tell the user to unset some potentially dangerous variables when running opam
* fix few git backend issues
0.6.0 [Sep 2012]
* semantics changes in 'opam switch'
* solver improvements in case of install and remove
* better error reporting
* fix caching of package archives
* fix ~/.opam/repo/index priorities
0.5.0 [Sep 2012]
* add opam search
* add opam reinstall
* ability to upgrade only a subset of packages
* lot of bug fixes in the rsync and curl backend
* better --help messages
* better information displayed to the user
0.4.0 [Aug 2012]
* #25 better layout of repository files
* #34 (partial) possibility to specify archive checksums
* #39 if the archive is not on, download it upstream
* #42 suffix +opam to the versions of archives available on
* #57 prompt the user to evaluate `opam config -env` more often
* #74 changes in meta-data aren't picked up by the CURL backen
* more modulare repository system: the 'kind' of repository is no more linked
to the kind of package archives
0.3.2 [Aug 2012]
* fix regression for 'opam switch' introduced in 0.3
* fix deletion of optional dependencies
* support for pinned packages
* fix compilation for ocaml 4.00
* fix compilation for *BSD
0.3.1 [Jul 2012]
* fix regression for 'opam install' introduced in 0.3
0.3.0 [Jul 2012]
* improve parallel compilation of packages
* better recovery on compilation/installation errors
* first draft of version pinnig
* fix 'opam config -env' for old shells
* install the latest version of packages when possible
* more robust 'opam update' (ie. old files are gc-ed)
* add a (more or less) generic way to install and use topfind
0.2.0 [Jul 2012]
* more robust switch command
* more robust parallel build (not yet activated by default)
* support for compiler-constraints in packages
* new solver heuristics
* improved performance on init with the rsync backend
0.1.0 [Jun 2012]
* Initial version