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Related Software

Тут находятся ссылки на софт, к которому мы имеем отношение, и который имеет отношение к окамлу.

  • camltemplate library for generating text from templates

  • objsize library for computing the size of OCaml values

  • ocaml-dbf library and utility for interacting with dbf (xBase) files

  • ocaml-mysql bindings for interacting with MySQL databases

  • deriving -- deriving bugfixes

  • ocurl -- OCaml Curl library enhancements

  • overbld distribution, containing OCaml and some OCaml libraries, with patches and build scripts for MinGW / Win32

  • sqlgg SQL query parser and binding code generator for C#, C++, Java, OCaml

  • sulci XMPP bot and accompanying libraries

  • extunix Extended Unix module

  • winsvc Windows service API

  • MLdonkey multi-network multi-platform P2P daemon

  • OCaml Iteratees Iteratees the OCaml way

  • barbra Damn simple package manager for OCaml (rebar-style)