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ocaml skeleton
+`ocaml_skeleton` is a scaffolding framework to get up and running build OCaml
+applications quickly. It provides a filesystem structure, Makefile, and example
+unit tests.
OCaml is relatively difficult to navigate as a new user. While the language has
ample online documentation, the development environment itself can be remarkably
opaque. The problem is compounded by numerous sites providing half-working
@@ -41,7 +45,7 @@ usage
The `Makefile` contains 5 targets: `main-native`, `main`, `tests-native`, `tests`, and
`clean`. `-native` are natively compiled (but not necessarily optimized)
versions of the binaries while the others are byte-code versions. Binaries are
-copied into bin/ after being build with `ocamlbuild`.
+copied into bin/ after being built with `ocamlbuild`.
In short:
@@ -74,8 +78,8 @@ or `pkg_num`.
*Note*: there is a bug related to this, look in the bugs section if you want to
add a package to `` or ``.
-Tests are written in `tests/`. Make sure OUnit is opened, open up your
-module, and write some tests using the
+Tests are written in `tests/`. Make sure the `OUnit` package is opened,
+open up your module, and write some tests using the
[OUnit]( framework. For a reference, here
is a list of [available testing
methods]( Note that you must

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