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+ocaml skeleton
+OCaml is relatively difficult to navigate as a new user. While the language has
+ample online documentation, the development environment itself can be remarkably
+opaque. The problem is compounded by numerous sites providing half-working
+snippets of code that range from fresh to very, very old. The only way to
+discover 'the modern way of doing things' is through mailing lists or IRC. Since
+I hate interacting with humans and know others do as well, I thought it would be
+nice to provide a jumpstart environment for someone to get code up-and-running.
+An example application with unit tests seems to be a nice sandbox for language
+*Caveat Emptor* The system I've provided here works for me but I am still
+inexperienced with the language -- especially with respect to the module system
+and how ocamlbuild discovers dependencies. If you are more familiar with OCaml
+and have input on how larger, more established build systems operate than I
+would be grateful for any feedback.
+os dependencies
+For debian/ubuntu, running the following should work:
+> sudo apt-get install aptitude` # if you don't have it already
+> sudo aptitude install ocaml-base-nox ocaml-nox ocaml-batteries-included
+ocaml-findlib ocaml-interp libounit-ocaml-dev
+If you manage to get set up on other OSes (other Linuxen, OSX, BSD) please send
+me your strings!
+The `Makefile` contains 5 targets: `main-native`, `main`, `tests-native`, `tests`, and
+`clean`. `-native` are natively compiled (but not necessarily optimized)
+versions of the binaries while the others are byte-code versions. Binaries are
+copied into bin/ after being build with `ocamlbuild`.
+In short:
+ > make
+ > bin/main.native
+ > make tests
+The source for the application is in src/ and any subdirectories. If you
+add subdirectories, make sure you add an 'include' tag in the `_tags` file in
+the top directory (see the tag for `src/calc`). Tags are one per line and
+multiple lines are allowed for a target. More documentation on `_tags` can be
+found at the [ocamlbuild user
+The `` plugin contains code to look up and link OCaml packages
+registered with `ocamlfind`. Let's say you want to use the
+[PCRE]: package installed with `sudo aptitude install
+libpcre-ocaml-dev`. You add `open Pcre;;` in `src/calc/`, then add the
+following line to `tags`:
+"src/calc/": pkg_pcre
+To find what you need to put after `pkg_`, run `ocamlfind list`, i.e. `pkg_unix`
+or `pkg_num`.
+*Note*: there is a bug related to this, look in the bugs section if you want to
+add a package to `` or ``.
+Tests are written in `tests/`. Make sure OUnit is opened, open up your
+module, and write some tests using the
+[OUnit]: framework. For a reference, here is
+a list of [available testing
+methods]: Note that you must add
+your tests to the `suite` for them to run. I tried adding in the code found at
+[Skydeck]: but
+I couldn't make it work nicely with separate testing modules. However, having
+the tests hand-added gives you the full flexibility of OUnit.
+see the GitHub issues page, but:
+* instructions for OSX/BSD/other distros
+* make tests nicer (separate test files?)
+* add optimized builds
+* make ocamlbuild integration less hacky
+* automatically make a library
+see the GitHub issues page, but:
+* _tags file, specifically the `pkg_` integration, doesn't apply to 'top level
+ targets,' these being `` and ``. If you want to add packages to
+ these, you can currently give them to `ocamlbuild` directly on the commandline
+ via `-tag`, see the Makefile for how `pkg_oUnit` is passes to `tests.byte`.
+* OCaml style guide:
+* Sample OCaml code (cross-referenced with other languages):
+* The default vim plugin for .ml files has an annoying textwidth setting. Try
+ this to turn that off:
+ ```bash
+ > echo "set tw=0" >> ~/.vim/after/indent/ocaml.vim
+ ```
+The OCaml community has a lot of high quality software written by high quality
+people. It's my hope that providing this starter kit will lure in many more.
+If you'd like to contribute, branch off next and send a pull req.

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