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WASET abstract & paper crawler
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The whole idea was motivated by the DEF CON 26 talk: DEF CON 26 - Svea, Suggy, Till - Inside the Fake Science Factory

They mention that it is not possible to upload the data set but to upload scripts that generate the data set. So here we go. I do restrict the data sets to WASET.

General notes:


contains the names of all the categories under which you can publish in WASET

The abstracts

download Metadata for all abstracts as XML with (assuming you have created a folder abstracts/ in the current directory) python2 1 120000

Note 1:

This is really slow! You can however, start the script in 10 different terminals and each with a different range, i.e.:

python2 1 1000 python2 1000 2000 ...

There is definitely a faster way to do this but I am limited by my python skills.

Note 2:

The first abstracts start with an ID above 1219.

The papers works just like dl_abstract. it needs a folder publications/

This actually also downloads the "page not found" content as pdf. these are files of size almost zero and can be deleted afterwards with python

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