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Lazy Line Painter

Lazy Line Painter

A jQuery plugin for path animation using CSS.

  • mobile friendly
  • responsive
  • and tiny (8kb)


Getting started

Implementing this plugin is broken into two parts. Preparing your svg data & Configuring lazy-line-painter.js

Preparing your SVG data
Create your Line art in your vector editor of choice

  • Ensure there are no fills.
  • No closed paths. i.e - Line needs a start and end.
  • Crop Artboard nice & tight! Export as .SVG (Default export options are fine) Drop your .SVG into 'SVG to Lazy Line Convertor' on http://lazylinepainter.info/ Copy lazy line code and paste into your DOM ready function.

Configuring lazy-line-painter options
Style attributes, callbacks and other options can be setup before the line art is Painted, these include;

'strokeWidth'    // Adjust width of stroke
'strokeColor'    // Adjust stroke color
'strokeCap'      // Adjust stroke cap  - butt  | round | square
'strokeJoin'     // Adjust stroke join - miter | round | bevel
'strokeOpacity'  // Adjust stroke opacity 0 - 1
'strokeDash'     // Adjust stroke dash - '5, 5'

'onComplete'     // Callback fired after animation finishes
'onUpdate'		 // Callback fired on animation update
'onStart'        // Callback fired before animation starts
'onStrokeStart'		// Callback fires after each stroke animation starts
'onStrokeComplete'	// Callback fires after each stroke animation completes

'delay'          // Delay before animation starts
'overrideKey'    // Set this property if you selector id doesn't match the key referencing your path data value within svgData.
'speedMultiplier' // slow down or speed up the animation
'drawSequential'  // true: draw each path sequentially, false, draw all at once
'reverse' // reverse drawSequence
'ease'    // ease animation

To apply these options to your element before Painting, pass lazylinepainter an object as an argument containing the attritubes you wish to alter;

    	'svgData' : svgData, // the object containing the SVG path info
		'ease': 'easeInOutExpo'

Note: The only requirement is the svgData object (which contains your path info). The svgData object should be structured like so for the plugin to be able to read. Certain attributes and callbacks can be set per a path;

var svgData = {
	'demo' : // name of your lazy line
		'paths' : // this contains all your SVG path info
				'path': "M144.869,199c0....", // path string
			    'duration':300, // path duration
			    'strokeWidth': 3, // all style attr can be set individually
			    'reverse': true	// reverse stroke individually
			    'ease': 'easeInOutExpo'	// ease stroke individually
			    'onStrokeStart': function(){console.log("Stroke started")}
			    'onStrokeComplete':  function(){console.log("Stroke completed")}
			    'onStrokeUpdate':  function(){console.log("Stroke update")}
			}, {
				'path': "M155.85,29c0...."
			}, {
				etc ...
		'dimensions' : // dimensions of viewbox
			'width': 270,

API Reference

Animate path


Clear path - paint can still be called on the element after it has been erased;


Pause path animation


Resume path animation


set path - sets path position, second param accepts a number between 0 - 1;

$('#demo').lazylinepainter('set', 0.5);

get data - returns all lazylinepainter data;


Remove path - removes lazyline data and emptys element from DOM;



Lazylinepainter 1.7.0

  • Added strokeDash attribute
  • Added easing!! ease individual paths or the entire animation
  • pauseResume toggling function now separarted into pause / resume functions

Refer to Release notes for entire Changelog