Proposed Front End for Freedom Plug UI
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% PLINTH(1) Version 0.1 | Plinth User Manual
% February 2011

# Introduction

## Name

plinth - a web front end for administering every aspect of a Freedom Box.

## Synopsis

## Description

The Freedom Box is a net appliance conceived by Eben Moglen.  It
contains free software and is designed to allow you to interface with
the rest of the net under conditions of protected privacy and data

The Plinth front end is a web interface to administer the functions of
the Freedom Box.  For example, the Freedom Box is a wireless router,
and the front end is where you can adjust its settings.

## Overview

The front end is an extensible web platform for forms and menus.  It
allows authenticated users to fill out forms.  The interface saves the
form data and from them generates configuration files for the various
services running on the box.

The interface is pluggable.  Drop modules into place to add new
capabilities to Plinth and your Freedom Box.  Replace existing modules
to get newer, better shinier functions.  The modules will
automatically integrate into the existing menu system so you can
control all of the box's parts from one central location.

The interface has a 'basic' and an 'expert' mode.  In basic mode, much
of Plinth's configuration and capability are hidden.  Sane defaults
are chosen whenever possible.  In expert mode, you can get down into
the details and configure things the average user never thinks about.
For example, experts can turn off ntp or switch ntp servers.  Basic
users should never even know those options exist.

One caveat: expert mode is not as powerful as the commandline.  We can
only do so much when translating free-form configuration files into
web forms.  And if you manually change your configuration files, the
interface will overwrite those changes at first opportunity.  This
interface is not a tool for super admins facing complex scenarios.  It
is for home users to do a wide variety of basic tasks.