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A reusable P2P rendezvous service made of a raw TCP component and an HTTP hosting component.
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 * Python 2.6+
 * PyCrypto
 * BottlePy
 * Gevent

Client dependencies:
 * Python 2.6+
 * Gevent
Rex is an experimental protocol for simplifying a few under-the-hood steps of P2P
hole punching. It works by providing a service to maintain a TCP socket to the
server on port 7653 which the server keeps alive for you (as long as your TCP stack
keeps responding with ACK packets, which you don't have to worry about at the
application level except that the server will drop you if the connection is lost).
Then, you can use the HTTP hosting part of the service to host a URL that contains
your public and local IP addresses (and optionally, an RSA signature of them) to
pass around to friends who want to connect to you.

The simultaneous connection code is still up to you. The Rex server provides only
the "REndezvous Exchange" part of the stuff; you still have to let the other person
know by some means to try to connect to you while you try to connect to him. Client
code for this is coming soon as a reference that will demonstrate connecting to
a remote computer by a URL.

Documentation of the Rex protocol, in both its components, is available here:
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