A standard interface for source control repository software. *For* shell scripting, *as* a shell script.
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Does it ever seem like every single source control program has its own syntax, subtly different from everyone else's in random ways? Have you ever felt like giving up on a project because coding for every single popular version control command syntax would simply be so impractical?

Gorepo intends to give you a generic layer for source control that handles all the popular stuff. You don't have to know what version control a directory is using, or how to use it. If you know gorepo, you effectively know it all.

State of this project

It's a baby. The Gorepo script barely supports git and doesn't have an install script (FWIW, installation is simply copying the script into the bin directory of your choice, either ~/bin for personal use, or /usr/bin for systemwide use). The output isn't standardized yet, few of the commands are fleshed out, etc.

So do your part! All of those things are things you can write with not too much technical know-how. The nice thing about gorepo is that while there's a lot of stuff to do, it's a lot of easy stuff. Have at it!