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Release history updates for v2.4.0.

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# createsend-ruby history
+## v2.4.0 - 5 Nov, 2012 (4277d8d9)
+* Added CreateSend::Campaign#email_client_usage.
+* Added support for ReadsEmailWith field on subscriber objects.
+* Added support for retrieving unconfirmed subscribers for a list.
+* Added support for suppressing email addresses.
+* Added support for retrieving spam complaints for a campaign, as well as
+adding SpamComplaints field to campaign summary output.
+* Added VisibleInPreferenceCenter field to custom field output.
+* Added support for setting preference center visibility when creating custom
+* Added the ability to update a custom field name and preference visibility.
+* Added documentation explaining that text_url may now be nil or an empty
+string when creating a campaign.
## v2.3.0 - 10 Oct, 2012 (6639c1f6)
* Added support for creating campaigns from templates.

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