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Erlang Scribe Logger

There seems to be a good deal scribe examples and code for php and python. However, I could not find much on erlang and scribe. This is an example on how to start logging to scribe with erlang. This example is a client thrift connection to a local scribe server.

Install Software needed.

You will need to install boost, thrift, and scribe.

Boost -

Thrift -

Scribe -


NOTE: These steps are in the Makefile. You could also just type make and then install the compiled beams wherever needed.

Generate code with thrift

You will then need to generate the facebook scribe code.

You have to grab facebook fb303.thrift file from the thrift/contrib/fb303/if/ directory.

Then add the scribe.thrift definitions. This is already done for you in this repo in the file scribe.thrift.

Run thrift --gen erl scribe.thrift and that will generate the code in the 'gen-erl' directory.

Compile the code with erlc -o ebin gen-erl/*.erl

Then install the beams in an erlang path.

You will then be able to start logging! See example.erl for a logging example.