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-= Erlang Scribe Logger =
+<h1> Erlang Scribe Logger </h1>
There seems to be a good deal scribe examples and code for php and python.
However, I could not find much on erlang and scribe. This is an example on how to
start logging to scribe with erlang. This example is a client thrift connection to a
local scribe server.
-== Install Software needed. ==
+<h2> Install Software needed. </h2>
You will need to install boost, thrift, and scribe.
@@ -15,12 +15,12 @@ Thrift -
Scribe -
-= Steps =
+<h1> Steps </h1>
NOTE: These steps are in the Makefile. You could also just type `make` and then install the
compiled beams wherever needed.
-== Generate code with thrift ==
+<h2> Generate code with thrift </h2>
You will then need to generate the facebook scribe code.

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