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mochicow is a mochiweb adapter for cowboy.

There are 2 ways to use mochicow:

  • as a cowboy protocol: It will use the socket acceptor pool of cowboy instead of the mochiweb one.

  • as a protocol upgrade. Like websockets you can upgrade a cowboy handler to use a mochiweb loop. It allows you to use both your new code with cowboy and old code with mochiweb.

Use the cowboy socket pool with mochiweb

To use mochiweb with the cowboy socketpool, you just need to use the mochicow_protocol module as the prococol when you start a cowboy listener. You pass the mochiweb lopp in the protocol options via the loop property.


-export([start/0, stop/0, loop/1]).

-define(LOOP, {?MODULE, loop}).

start() ->
    cowboy:start_listener(http, 100,
                          cowboy_tcp_transport, [{port, 8000}],
                          mochicow_protocol, [{loop, ?LOOP}]).

stop() ->

loop(Req) ->
    Req:respond({200, [{"Content-Type", "text/html"}],
                 <<"Hello world">>});.

Upgrade the protocol

You can use mochicow to quietly migrate your code from mochiweb to cowboy or use both ath the sametime. To do that you will need to use the upgrqde the protocol using mochicow_upgrade as the protocol. This handler that you upgrade need to have the loop property to use a mochiweb loop.

Ex to start the cowboy_http_protocol:

-export([start/0, stop/0]).

-define(LOOP, {mochi_handler, loop}).

start() ->
    Dispatch = [
        %% {Host, list({Path, Handler, Opts})}
            {'_', [{[<<"mochi">>,'_'], mochi_handler, [{loop, ?LOOP}]},
                   {'_', cowboy_handler, []}]}

    cowboy:start_listener(http, 100,
                          cowboy_tcp_transport, [{port, 8080}],
                          cowboy_http_protocol, [{dispatch, Dispatch}]).

stop() ->

The mochiweb handler:

-export([init/3, loop/1]).

init({tcp, http}, _Req, _Opts) ->
    {upgrade, protocol, mochicow_upgrade}.

loop(Req) ->
    Req:respond({200, [{"Content-Type", "text/html"}],
                 <<"Hello from mochiweb">>}).

See more usage examples in the examples for the usage.