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joewalker commented Apr 17, 2012

Trivial change

joewalker added some commits Apr 13, 2012

@joewalker joewalker Bug 745172 (intro): 'intro' command should be promoted fa223e7
@joewalker joewalker Bug 720641 (gtgcli): Move change notification
- Firefox sometimes opens with a trailing onKeyUp so we move the change
  notification to onKeyDown as a temporary measure. There may be better
  fixes, but this is simple for now.

campd commented on 8b38ce3 Apr 13, 2012

Can this be tested?


joewalker replied Apr 14, 2012

Yes, and should be. I'm working on it.

joewalker added some commits Apr 16, 2012

@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Add tests for the inputter f9b8f86
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Only report stack traces where needed
- i.e. Node. The web is cooler about this
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Added tests for 'help' command 80f37e6
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Use P1/P2 for expected/actual
- There's no doubt about which comes first with p1/p2 where there is for
- Use params:true to denote if we have params rather than dodgy tests
  for a p1 value
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Captalize Source/Documentation
- Harmonizes tests
- It's more correct
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Warn on event remove fail
- Currently asking to remove something that doesn't exist is an error
- We can remove this warning if it turns out to be overzealous
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Don't alias 'exports'
- Sometimes it can help, but not here.
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Add defaultValues to settings
- Makes testing easier
- We half had them anyway
- It's already a concept for Firefox
- Outstanding: The same for mozilla/gcli/settings.js
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Add tests for settings fedfde7
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): s/commands/mockCommands/g
- We had to use mockSettings for the same thing for settings because
  the name settings was already taken
- This also makes the purpose of 'commands' clearer
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Add 'pref reset' command
- More complete
- Helps testing
- Also expose allowSet setting for testing
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Allow test opt-out
- Forcing tests for everything means we have to know everything about
  the enviroment in our tests, which makes them fragile.
- So we need to allow tests to not-test things
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745904 (extratests): Add tests for 'pref' commands 12b7d7a
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745172 (intro): [Skip review] Better description of node type
Won't hit firefox because this is a demo command.
This is the closest change that we're making right now
@joewalker joewalker Merge branch 'master' into intro-745172 56f2e6e

joewalker commented May 1, 2012

You can skip the last 2 changes. One is a merge of work you've already reviewed, the other is from a demo that won't reach firefox.

joewalker added some commits May 2, 2012

@joewalker joewalker Merge branch 'extratests-745904' into intro-745172 848f42d
@joewalker joewalker Bug 745172 (intro): Add tests for intro command
Also fix a bug exposed by the tests where we would incorrectly
ignore extra parameters when the rest of the command was OK.

joewalker commented May 2, 2012

I needed some test infrastructure, so I had to merge in the extratests branch, which is separate (#33) so I suggest you only look at the commits that begin "Bug 745172 (intro)" here


campd commented May 10, 2012



joewalker commented May 11, 2012

Extra commit to prevent tests from being run in Firefox where the command doesn't exist


campd commented May 14, 2012

r+ on extra commit.

joewalker closed this May 22, 2012

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