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Node module to query the mixpanel API
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Queries the Mixpanel Data API. Requires node 0.4.0 or higher.


npm install mixpanel-api

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Note: All examples and the implementation are in coffee-script. CoffeeScript is great and you should probably use it. If you don't want to use CoffeeScript, you can easily convert these examples using the 'Try CoffeeScript' button on the aforementioned website or using the coffee command-line utility.

MixpanelAPI = require 'lib/mixpanel_api'

mixpanel = new MixpanelAPI

  # required
  api_key: 'ABC'
  api_secret: 'XYZ'

  # optional
  default_valid_for: 60 # seconds a request signature is valid for

req =
  event: ''
  name: 'color'
  type: 'general'
  unit: 'hour'
  interval: 100
  limit: 100

# queries the events/properties endpoint
mixpanel.request 'events/properties', req, (err, res) ->
  return console.error err if err

  # `res` is the JSON-parsed response from the server.
  # example:
  # {
  #   legend_size: 3
  #   data:
  #     series: [ '2011-02-10 14:00:00' ]
  #     values: {...}
  # }
  console.log res
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