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Before you can install Camping, you’ll need both Ruby and RubyGems, so if you don’t have that installed yet, go grab ‘em! Once that’s sorted out, open up a Terminal or Command Line and enter (if you’re on Linux/OS X you might run it as root):

gem install camping

Even better, install the Camping Omnibus, a full package of recommended libs:

gem install camping-omnibus

If not, you should be aware of that Camping itself only depends on Rack. If you’re going to use the views you also need to install markaby, and if you’re going to use the database you’ll need activerecord as well.

gem install markaby
gem install activerecord

Experimental version

If you want to live on the edge, Magnus Holm provides semi-stable gems:

gem install camping --source

You can also clone the repo and use the rake gem command:

git clone git://
rake gem
cd pkg
gem install --local camping-VERSION.gem

Other guides

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