Miscellaneous Camping links

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If you find a useful and recent Camping 1.9/2.0 link, add it here:

Camping ‘plug-ins’ and ‘add-ons’

From Philippe Monnet :

  • Google sitemap generator (Paste the code in your app controllers module, then customize two things: 1. your site’s base url: SITE_BASE_URL = "http://www.myapp.com"; 2. a list of the controllers you want to expose on the sitemap, since you may not want to expose all controllers)
  • NewRelic Support for Camping

From @Bluebie:

  • OpenID Consumer saves you from making a bunch of registration and login stuff, and worrying about storing peoples passwords by letting you just accept accounts from google, aol, yahoo, livejournal, wordpress, and tons of other sites.
  • Shorteners are a bunch of little functions you can use to make your urls really tiny, for posting to twitter and stuff like that. They just call various url shortening services to do it.

Sites built with Camping

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