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How To Know What Size Sleeping Bag Should I Get?

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The size of your sleeping bag is dependent on your height. Getting the right size ensures comfort while you sleep. It also prevents you from health ailments such as back pains and muscle pains. You may find yourself asking “what size sleeping bag should I get? “This question can be answered by considering several points. The three main measurements that you should always be on the lookout for are the length, the width, and the hoodie size. The width is further divided into shoulder width and the hip width.

Sleeping bag length

Sleeping bags come in three sizes. There are the standard length, the women’s length, and the extra-large. The standard length supports users who have a maximum length of 185 cm and a width of 160cm. The women’s length supports people with a height of 170cm and a width of 155cm. The extra-large supports people with a length of 200cm and a width of 170cm. In conclusion, to choose the best sleeping bags for camping, firstly you must know your exact dimension.

Most sleeping bags come with zips that allow two bags to be joined. It makes it easier to accommodate different width sizes. There are specific women’s sleeping bags that are usually shorter and wider. Knowing your height and width is a good start when choosing which sleeping bag to get. The mummy bag may be a bit restrictive on the width size of its users because it is very narrow. The rectangular shape is more accommodation the width aspect of the user.

Side off sleeping bag for camping

If you are camping as a family, the joined sleeping bags will work well for you. They provide a larger space to fit in more people and enhance bonding. Always ensure that the zips are in the right directions. It will help ensure that two sleeping bags are joined in perfectly with no holes left. The holes allow in cold air, and the sleeping bag will not fully serve its purpose.

The sleeping bag lengths are usually longer than stated. This is because when you lie flat, your bones decompress and make you appear longer. The extra inches added to the sleeping bag are to cater for this. When you sleep, there should always be some extra space in the bag. It will allow for at least some minimal air circulation.

The mummy bag you choose should come with some extra inches on the sides. It will keep the sleeping bag from feeling too tight and uncomfortable. The extra space provided by the extra inches can also serve as storage for extra clothing. You can place some clothes at the foot of the sleeping bag to save space.

Shoulder girth

Another important measurement to know how to choose a sleeping bag is the shoulder girth. It refers to the total distance round a sleeping bag in the shoulders area. The male shoulder girth will be larger than the female one. It is important to test the sleeping bag to determine the right girth that is just comfortable.

Hip girth

The hip girth, which is the area around the hips, should not be ignored. Some people have very large hips, and others have small hips. Knowing your hip circumference in proportion to the rest of the body is the important thing. From there you can test and pick the right sleeping bag.

Size of the hood

When looking at the right size, beside full size sleeping bag, you should also consider the size of the hood. The hood serves an important role, and proper accord should be given to it. The hood keeps your head warm and also traps in heat from the sleeping bag. The heat does not escape, and you stay warm for long. Get a hoodie that fits well in the head. It should not be too snug or too loose as to fall off. The right hood fits naturally on your head and serves its roles well.

Roll up

Finally, when choosing the size of sleeping bag you want to get, always try it on first. It will provide a clear view of what you should expect. The length, the width, and the hood size are main considerations to look at. Trying on the bag first is a sure guarantee that you get something that you feel comfortable in. This article should be a help for the next time you decide to get a new sleeping bag.

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