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Helper node.js module for expressjs applications usable when building http APIs.


  • Backbone Models wired to MongoDB
  • MongoDB session support using connect-mongo for express apps
  • Actions(http request & response handlers)


add in package.json dependency to "expressApi". then create app.js file with the following:

var app = require("expressApi");

  app.useExpressApiMiddleware("databaseName", "cookieSecret");


app.listen(8000, function(){
  console.log("server started");

in ./actions/echoActions.js place actions routes and handlers as follows:

var Actions = require("expressApi/Actions");

var EchoActions = module.exports = Actions.extend({
  root: "/",

  "POST /echo": function(req, res, next) {},
  "GET /echo/:id": function(req, res, next) {},

to create a Model just place standard Backbone.Model implementation like follows:

var Backbone = require("expressApi/BackboneMongo");

var MyModel = module.exports = Backbone.Model.extend({
  collectionName: "myCollection",
  defaults: {},
  initialize: function(){}
  staticMethod: function(){;

to use Model follow Backbone:

var MyModel = require("MyModel");
var instance = new MyModel({ property1: "value1" });

// passing 'null' as first argument should notify Backbone to store all properties, model){
  // if there isn't error model == instance, otherwise err is not null



  • useExpressApiMiddleware(databaseName, cookieSecret)
  • addActions({} or ActionsClass)


  • save(attributes, options) or save(function(err, model){ ... }); or save(attributes, function(err, model){ ... })
  • destroy(options) or destroy(function(err, model){ ... });
  • fetch(options) or fetch(function(err, model){ ... });



var MyActions = Actions.extend({
  root: "/somePath",

  response: function(res) {
    // modify express' res object before calling any action

  request: function(req) {
    // modify express' req object before calling any action

  routes: {
    "GET /path": "myMethod",
    "POST /path": "myMethod",
    "DELETE /path": function(req, res, next) {
      // req & res objects are already modified here

  myMethod: function(req, res, next) {
    // req & res objects are already modified here

  "PUT /pathMe": function(req, res, next) {
    // the full path to this action is /somePath/pathMe accordingly to root

  "GET /pathMe/:helloParam": function(req, res, next) {},

  "GET /pathMe2/:helloParam": [
    function(req, res, next) {
      // as before req & res objects are already modified,
      // and this method will be invoked first accordingly the array
      next(); // call next to invoke the next method ;)
    function(req, res, next) {
      // this will be invoked second accordingly to the array
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