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Xanadu makes developing Xojo database driven Web Apps easier for everyone, especially for FileMaker developers.

Xojo Web Apps are amazing. They can run on Mac, Windows, Linux, or Raspberry Pi as standalone apps. They can also run as cgi apps on many web hosting providers, but we prefer standalone apps. People can access the Web App use their browser on just about any device.

More info, Overview Video, and Download

We've moved the download to our website: http://campsoftware.com/products/xanadu-for-xojo.php

How does Xanadu make it easier?

In the Overview video below, we show how to easy it is to add a database field to an existing Web Page. With Xanadu, all you need to do is drag a control, like a TextField, to the page and set its Table Name and Column Name. When Xanadu loads the fields, it looks at the page and makes a list of all of the controls, finds the data, and then sets the fields. When the person clicks out of the field, Xanadu is told to save the data. There's no longer a need to write code to simply set or save data in the fields.

Without Xanadu, you would have to manually make a list of all the fields, query the database, and then write code to set each control on the page. Next comes saving the data which would more code written to get the value of each control, then update the database with the data. That’s not a huge amount of work, but multiply that out by 20 or more controls. Let's now assume that all the code is up and running and you need to add a few fields to the page. That means updating the code to load and save each field. Xanadu does all that work for you!

Why do I need Xanadu?

I've been developing with FileMaker and Xojo since the 1990's. I love both platforms but the FileMaker price increases and licensing changes in versions 13, 14, and 15 have made FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server extremely expensive. So we looked into what it would take to build a FileMaker like solution in Xojo. It took some time, but now we have an excellent foundation for building Web Apps that can scale.

While I really love Xojo's development tools, their forums, and the amaingly responsive Xojo Team, the cost of Xojo is excellent as well. Xojo's pricing is developer based and Apps built with Xojo are royalty free. That means that the Xojo developer buys Xojo and users of the developed App don't need to purchase Xojo.

If you have any questions about Xojo, we'd love to help.