Native Windows Installer

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This installation method is now retired, not supported and it's not recommended to use it anymore. Guide below is outdated and will it will stay like that. Please use docker-compose Installation guide for currently recommended installation method.

We have created an installer to run Concerto on your local computer. Please note:

  • It's a beta version. We've installed it on approximately 30 different computers so far. Please report any issues.
  • It only runs on Windows 64 bit operating systems (including Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.). This includes Windows tablets that run full versions of Windows OS.
  • If you run antivirus software, it is very likely it will say that our installer file isn't "trusted." Basically we haven't paid the fee to become trusted yet. So in order to make it run you'll have to disable your antivirus while you run the installer.
  • You need to run it as administrator
  • You need an Internet connection to install it the first time

Concerto relies on many other open-source dependencies to make it run (e.g. MySQL database, R itself, and various R packages). The procedure for installation is that it will install these dependencies one by one, and each dependency will run its own installer. So you'll see them get checked off one at a time.

Depending on your computer, Concerto often has to install a lot of different Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables from different years. This can make it seem like installation is stuck in a loop, but if you look carefully you'll see that it's installing different ones each time.

Once you've installed Concerto, the default username/password to log in is always admin/admin

When you have read the above: Download Here