docker compose Installation guide

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Installing Concerto Platform through docker-compose is currently a recommended way. We're retiring any past installation methods and they will no longer be supported.

Please follow steps below to install Concerto Platform:

  1. Install docker (v1.13 or newer)

  2. Install docker-compose (v1.21 or newer)

  3. Install git

  4. Clone latest Concerto Platform source:

    git clone /concerto

    Replace /concerto with path of your choice.

  5. Start up Concerto Platform docker-compose:

    cd /concerto/docker-compose
    docker-compose up --build -d

    Replace /concerto with path you selected in previous step.

Running Administration Panel

When installation is successfully finished. You should now be able to access Concerto Platform administration panel by going to: http://localhost/admin (assuming you installed it on localhost).

Default login and password is:

Login: admin

Password: admin

You should immediately change your login and password when logging in for the first time!

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