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A buildout recipe to create or update jar archive file.


Requires zc.buildout and the 'jar' command.


Create a buildout.cfg file which contains the following:

parts = updatewar

recipe = c2c.recipe.jarfile
basedir = foo/bar/
input = base.war *.png baz/config.yaml WEB-INF/
output = /path/to/tomcat/webapps/foobar.war
mode = update


  • 'basedir' is the directory where the jar will be created.
  • 'input' items are the files to be included in the final jar, they must be relative to 'basedir'.
  • 'output' is the jar destination (eg. a tomcat webapps directory)
  • 'mode' [create|update] create a new archive using all the files in 'input' or create an updated version of the first item of 'input' using the rest of the files
  • jar cmd in config file