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Definition of Ready

Stéphane Brunner edited this page Sep 11, 2018 · 2 revisions

Before assigning a story to the developers team, the story definition should be ready. This ensure fast implementation and good delivered quality.

The definition of ready is following:

  1. The story contains a high level context in the form:

    • Actor: X
    • I want: Y
    • Expected result: Z

    This part should clearly describe the motivation for the feature and gives context.

    1. One or multiple demo scenario to demonstrate and test all features in the story are either available in the story if the user story is not covering enough the demo scenario.
  2. If screens are created or modified, mockups or graphical designs have to be provided and validated.

  3. All relevant documentation is provided (third party APIs, etc.)

  4. No implementation details are present in the story (but implementation hints/suggestions from backlog grooming might be present).

  5. The story has an estimation (story points and remaining, team).

  6. Specific deadlines and hosting requirements are specified (deployment deadline, version dependencies, etc.).

    1. Contains also the impact on public API (App or other partners)
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