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zc.buildout recipe for mod_wsgi based deployments
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''collective.recipe.modwsgi'' is a `zc.buildout`_ recipe which creates
a `paste.deploy`_ entry point for mod_wsgi_.

It is very simple to use. This is a minimal ''buildout.cfg'' file
which creates a WSGI script mod_python can use::

    parts = mywsgiapp

    recipe = collective.recipe.modwsgi
    eggs = mywsgiapp
    config-file = ${buildout:directory}/production.ini

This will create a small python script in parts/mywsgiapp called
''wsgi'' which mod_wsgi can load. You can also use the optional
''extra-paths'' option to specify extra paths that are added to
the python system path.

The apache configuration for this buildout looks like this:::

    WSGIScriptAlias /mysite /home/me/buildout/parts/mywsgiapp/wsgi

    <Directory /home/me/buildout>
        Order deny,allow
        Allow from all

This recipe does not fully install packages, which means that console scripts
will not be created. If you need console scripts you can add a second
buildout part which uses `zc.recipe.egg`_ to do a full install.

.. _zc.buildout:
.. _paste.deploy:
.. _mod_wsgi:
.. _zc.recipe.egg:

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