A simple docker image with SMTP, IMAP and a webmail
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A simple docker image with SMTP, IMAP and a webmail. This composition is dedicated to development environements because it will accept all emails and never relay to internet.

This composition will launch 3 services in 3 images:

  • SMTP service on port 25, run by smtp-sink
  • IMAP service on port 143, run by courier-imap (User : smtp, password: smtp)
  • WEBMAIL service on port 8080, run by apache2 and roundcube at

SMTP will accept all emails and store every emails receive on port 25 to only one mailbox. This mailbox can be read with a webmail available on port 8080 or with IMAP protocol available on standard port 143.

Usage :

git clone https://github.com/camptocamp/docker_smtp.git
cd docker_smtp/
# docker-compose build # (optional step)
docker-compose up

Then you can configure apps to send emails to local port 25 and you can read received emails on