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from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
from ConfigParser import NoSectionError
from jstools import utils, merge
from memoize import memoizedproperty
import logging
import pkg_resources
DIST = pkg_resources.Requirement.parse("jstools")
logger = logging.getLogger('jstools.deps')
class DepMap(ConfigParser):
dependency mapper
template = dict(require='// @requires %s\n',
include='// @include %s\n')
def __init__(self, defaults=None, printer=logger):
ConfigParser.__init__(self, defaults)
self.printer = printer
def alias_map(self):
return utils.SectionMap(self, 'alias')
def from_resource(cls, resource_name, dist=DIST, defaults=None, printer=logger):
conf = pkg_resources.resource_stream(dist, resource_name)
dmap = cls(defaults=defaults, printer=printer)
return dmap
def from_path(cls, path, defaults=None, printer=logger):
dmap = cls(defaults=defaults, printer=printer)
if isinstance(path, basestring):
path = path,
paths =
assert paths, ValueError("No valid config files: %s" %paths)
return dmap
def reverse_alias_map(self):
return dict((v, k) for k, v in self.alias_map.items())
def get_dependencies_by_filename(self, filename):
alias = self.reverse_alias_map[filename]
return self.get_dependencies_by_alias(alias)
def get_dependencies_by_alias(self, alias):
return utils.SectionMap(self, alias)
except NoSectionError:
return None
get_deps = get_dependencies_by_alias
def guess_alias_by_filename(self, filename, sorter=sorted, single=True):
guesses = (self.reverse_alias_map.get(fn) for fn in sorter(self.reverse_alias_map.keys()) if fn.endswith(filename))
if single:
except StopIteration:
return None
return guesses
def formatted_dependencies(self, alias):
for directive, aliases in self.get_deps(alias).items():
for alias in aliases.split():
yield self.template[directive] %self.alias_map[alias]
except KeyError:
raise AliasNotFound("Alias '%s' not found in %s. "
"Check dependency cfg for alias mismatch." \
%(alias, self.alias_map.keys()))
class AliasNotFound(KeyError):
Exception for any time an alias is not found
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