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Greenkeeper badge

ngeo is a JS library that aims to ease the development of applications based on AngularJS and OpenLayers.

More specifically, ngeo is a collection of AngularJS Components and Services useful for developing applications combining AngularJS and OpenLayers.

Ngeo uses webpack: webpack gives you the possibility to use easily only the specific part of JavaScript, css and html that you need for your application.

If you use ngeo we recommend that you also use webpack, because this is the way we design and use ngeo at Camptocamp. But using webpack is not strictly mandatory: standalone builds of ngeo can be created.

To know more about ngeo take a look at:

  • The examples
  • The documentation can be found in each file. There is currently no API web-documentation for this version (you may also use API documentation (2.2)).

ngeo also includes a contribs directory where non-core contributions may be placed. ngeo currently includes one contrib: gmf. That contrib includes components specific to the GeoMapFish project, that is components that rely on GeoMapFish-specific web services. The gmf contrib examples are also available online.


  • make – GNU Make.
  • node – nodejs JS runtime environment.
  • npm – npm package manager.

How to start

Run the application

git clone
cd ngeo
make serve-ngeo

The ngeo examples are now available on your http://localhost:3000.

Go further

How to migrate from ngeo 2.2 to ngeo 2.3 ?

Other docs related to ngeo: