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Puppet Ruby

Archive Puppet Module

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Puppet Module to download and extract tar and zip archives based on camptocamp/puppet-archive.

Supported archive types are:

  • tar.gz, tgz
  • tar.bz2, tbz2
  • tar.xz, txz
  • zip


  • Ability to follow redirects
  • Supports checksum matching



archive { 'apache-tomcat-6.0.26':
  ensure => present,
  url    => '',
  target => '/opt',

You can have archive follow redirects by setting:

follow_redirects => true

The default archive format is tar.gz. To use another supported format you must specify the extenstion:

extension => "zip"

By default archive will try and find a matching checksum file to verify the download. To disable this behavior set the checksum option to false:

checksum => false

You can specify a digest_url, digest_string and digest_type to verify archive integrity.

For .tar.gz and tar.bz2 archives, the extract step's --strip-components=n flag can be accessed. This can be used to change the name of the extracted directory.

strip_components => 1
purge_target => false

By default the target directory is left intact, this option can be used to rm -rf the target directory prior to extraction.

This full example will download the packer tool to /usr/local/bin:

archive { '0.5.1_linux_amd64':
   ensure => present,
   url => '',
   target => '/usr/local/bin',
   follow_redirects => true,
   extension => 'zip',
   checksum => false,
   src_target => '/tmp'


Copyright (c) 2012 Camptocamp SA

This script is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See for the full license text.


Please log tickets and issues at our project site.

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