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Helper for using augeas with puppet
Ruby Puppet
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Augeas Puppet module

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Install and configure Augeas.

This module is provided by Camptocamp


Simple usage:

include augeas


The module provides an augeas class which installs and configures Augeas.

  • lets you force the augeas version by defining $augeas_version, otherwise puppet will only ensure the packages are present;
  • lets you force the ruby library version by defining $augeas_ruby_version, otherwise puppet will only ensure the libaugeas-ruby version will be installed according to internal critera;
  • provides an augeas() master-side function to manipulate strings using Augeas;

Note: the augeas class realizes all augeas resources in order to ensure they are managed after the required Augeas packages.



The augeas::lens definition allows you to deploy an Augeas lens and any associated test files, running unit tests and not installing if they fail:


  • ensure: present/absent
  • lens_content: the content of the lens
  • lens_source: deprecated, the source for the lens
  • test_content: optionally, the content of the test file
  • test_source: deprecated, the source for the test file.
  • stock_since: optionally, indicate in which version of Augeas the lens became stock, so it will not be deployed above that version.

Example usage:

augeas::lens { 'networkmanager':
  lens_content => file('networkmanager/lenses/networkmanager.aug'),
  test_content => file('networkmanager/lenses/test_networkmanager.aug'),
  stock_since  => '1.0.0',



Modifies a string using Augeas.


augeas("proc        /proc   proc    nodev,noexec,nosuid     0       0\n", 'Fstab.lns', ['rm ./1/opt[3]'])

Would result in:

"proc        /proc   proc    nodev,noexec     0       0\n"
  • Type: rvalue


Please report bugs and feature request using GitHub issue tracker.

For pull requests, it is very much appreciated to check your Puppet manifest with puppet-lint to follow the recommended Puppet style guidelines from the Puppet Labs style guide.

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