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A simple way to build distributed monitoring solutions with puppet !
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The goal of this module is to provide a simple way to use 
distributed monitoring as described on this page :

This module is under development and still requires many 
improvements to suit maximum of use-case and to be 
cross-distribution. Please don't treat it as stable !


node 'distributed_monitoring_server' {
  import "nagios"

  # It is possible to override all standard main configuration 
  # file options defined in template nagios.cfg.erb with prefix "nagios_"
  # $nagios_debug_level="-1"
  # $nagios_debug_verbosity="3"
  $nagiosadmin_password = "XXXX"


  include apache::base

  include nagios::base
  class { 'nagios::nsca::client':
    nsca_server => 'central_monitoring_server',
  include nagios::webinterface

  # active check on distributed monitoring server 
  # and passive check on central server
  nagios::service::distributed {"check_local_du on $fqdn":
    check_command => check_local_du;

  nagios::service::distributed {"check_http on $fqdn":
    check_command => check_http;

  # active check only on central server
  nagios::service::remote {"check_url!distributed_monitoring_server!/test/page.php":
    description => "check my super test page",

  # active check only on distributed monitoring server
  nagios::service::local {"check_url!!/trac/puppet":
    description => "check puppet website",


node 'central_monitoring_server' {
  import "nagios"

  $nagiosadmin_password = "XXXX"


  include apache::base

  include nagios::base
  include nagios::nsca::daemon
  include nagios::webinterface

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