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Puppetfile is a cool format, used by librarian-puppet and r10k to install and maintain collection of Puppet modules.

However, keeping it up-to-date with newer versions of said modules can be a difficult task.

This gem provides rake tasks to ease this job, by connecting to the Puppet Forge and GitHub and fetching the new versions or references for you.

Simple usage

In your Rakefile:

require 'puppetfile-updater/task'

# Update all modules, avoid major version updates :sync_refs do |config|
  # This is required to avoid hitting the GitHub connection rate
  config.gh_login    = 'github_robot'
  config.gh_password = 'github_password'

# Only update Camptocamp modules, including major version updates :sync_c2c_refs do |config|
  config.user        = 'camptocamp'
  config.gh_login    = 'github_robot'
  config.gh_password = 'github_password'
  config.major       = true
  config.debug       = true