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Welcome to the Secure OWS Project

The Secure OWS Project is a framework for adding security on top of some OGC protocols developed by Camptocamp SA. This project was initially sponsored by the Swiss Federal Office of Topography.

Secure WMS

The actual implementation adds security to the WMS protocol.

OpenGIS Web Map Service (WMS) implementation specification does not currently cover security aspects to control access to data based on layers, attribute or geometry criteria. Some vendors have implemented access control but it doesn't usually work with plain WMS client.

This implementation is a software solution to control access to WMS data, which works transparently with any existing WMS compliant client, with a SSL tunneling system between server and client.

While other approaches exist for securing WMS, this one has the following advantages:

  • Based on standards from OGC for WMS or HTTP. No proprietary protocol is used.
  • Fine granularity for access control (filtering at the layer level for instance).

Framework Overview

A White Paper document introduces the architecture if you want a general introduction to the framework.

Client Software

client software documentation and download

Server Software

Software documentation and download

Developer information


  • please contact us for support at info at camptocamp dot com or commiter via github mail or pull resquest.