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A CLI tool to convert your VSCode theme to an iTerm2 theme. 🎨



System requirements

  • NodeJS 10+. The tool does work with NodeJS 8.x, but we do not officially support it.

Tested on macOS, Linux and Windows (via Windows Terminal)

Running / Installation

We recommend using npx to run the CLI:-

npx @campvanilla/ditto-cli

Or, alternatively, install it globally via npm and then run:-

$ npm install -g @campvanilla/ditto-cli

$ ditto-cli

Setting in iTerm2

Once an iterm color scheme file is generated, Cmd + Click on the file name (with extension as *.itermcolors) in iTerm2 to automatically import the preset into iTerm & then select the theme from preferences (Cmd + iColors tab → Color Presets → Select the generated color preset).

Custom Options

CLI Argument Optional Description Default Value
--extensions-dir yes To specify the folder containing your VSCode extensions you've configured VSCode to save extensions in a custom directory

Mac: ~/.vscode/extensions

Linux: ~/.vscode/extensions

Windows: C:/Users/{currentUser}/.vscode/extensions

--out-dir yes To specify the folder to which the iTerm2 theme file will be written The current working directory
--verbose yes Execute cli with verbose output false
--dry-run yes Execute script without writing final iTerm2 theme to disk false
--help yes Provides documentation -


  1. Clone the project
$ git clone
  1. Install dependencies
$ npm install
  1. To test the changes to the tool, create a local build of the project
$ npm link

This should add the ditto-cli command to terminal.

$ ditto-cli

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Aditi Mohanty

🤔 💻 🚧

Abinav Seelan

💻 🚧

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!