Slack bot designed to retrieve information from node-cryptonote-pool software
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Slack bot based on NodeJS Utiltizes the following packages: @slack/client request

What does it do?

Monitors node-cryptonote-pool based mining pools for new blocks and payouts and alerts specific channel Retrieves information from pool on request Basic math problems Retrieves cryptocurrency values from CoinMarketCap Allows users to calculate totals of specific currencies


Create a bot on Slack. Be sure to save your bot's token ID. You will need it later.

Be sure to have node installed on your VPS or whatever you use.

Open index.js, edit the variables at the top token is the bot token ID from Slack; botUserID is your bot's Slack user ID; This can also be retrieved from Slack. trigger is the command trigger; set to something that can be easily accessed without causing confusion.


This is a personal project. This is not something I plan to update on a regular basis. It has been fun to write and is actively used within a certain Monero Mining Slack group that I associate with.

Some of the code in this unused. Other parts are faulty. This is a work in progress. I can not gaurentee this will work on your system.