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if filereadable(expand("~/.gvimrc.before"))
source ~/.gvimrc.before
set guipty "attempts pseudo-tty
set co=90 "number of columns
set guioptions-=T "hide toolbar
set guioptions-=t "hide tearoff menu items
set guioptions-=l "hide left scrollbar
set guioptions-=L "hide left scrollbar when vert window split
set guioptions-=r "hide right scrollbar
set guioptions-=R "hide right scrollbar when vert window split
if has('fullscreen')
set fuoptions=maxvert,maxhorz,background:Normal "fullscreen options
set guicursor=n-c:block-Cursor-blinkon0
set guicursor+=v:block-Cursor-blinkon0
set guicursor+=i-ci:ver10-Cursor-blinkon0
if has("gui_macvim")
let macvim_skip_cmd_opt_movement = 1
noremap <D-Left> <Home>
noremap! <D-Left> <Home>
noremap <M-Left> <C-Left>
noremap! <M-Left> <C-Left>
noremap <D-Right> <End>
noremap! <D-Right> <End>
noremap <M-Right> <C-Right>
noremap! <M-Right> <C-Right>
noremap <D-Up> <C-Home>
inoremap <D-Up> <C-Home>
imap <M-Up> <C-o>{
noremap <D-Down> <C-End>
inoremap <D-Down> <C-End>
imap <M-Down> <C-o>}
imap <M-BS> <C-w>
inoremap <D-BS> <esc>my0c`y
noremap <d-1> :e ~/Dropbox/Notes/inbox.txt<cr>
noremap <d-2> :lcd ~/Dropbox/Notes<cr>:CtrlP<cr>
noremap <d-3> :e $MYVIMRC<cr>
noremap <d-4> :e $MYGVIMRC<cr>
noremap <d-5> :so $MYVIMRC<cr>:so $MYGVIMRC<cr>
if filereadable(expand("~/.gvimrc.after"))
source ~/.gvimrc.after