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@camunda-jenkins camunda-jenkins released this Dec 4, 2018 · 6055 commits to develop since this release


Bug Fixes

  • broker-core:
    • update job state on update retries (8c0a424b)
    • fix xor incident resolving (ab592682)
    • fix job state on cancel command (024aafe3)
  • clients/java:
    • dont break cause chain (be010d0e)
    • fix default job poll interval and message ttl (ab714eaa)
  • exporters/elasticsearch: delayed flush should ignore bulk size (beb15efc)


  • bpmn-model:
    • enable non-interrupting time cycle boundary events (bcf57f5e)
    • enable interrupting message boundary events (ff1bddcd)
    • enable interrupting timer boundary events (edb345d1)
  • broker-core:
    • add support for event-based gateway (425d6ca4)
    • add support for interrupting message boundary events (ea442ee9)
    • add job error message to failed jobs (7baff1b7)
    • impl new incident concept (2a26ff58)
    • add support for interrupting timer boundary events (910b7b78)
  • clients/go:
    • add resolve incident command (e1a850db)
    • add error message to fail job command (32bc691d)
  • clients/java: add resolve incident command (25c1df38)
  • clients/zbctl:
    • add resolve incident command (3360289b)
    • add fail job error message flag (83269d8c)
    • implement publish message command (1abca40a)
  • gateway: add incident resolve request to gateway (e2eca8d2)
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