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Camunda Community Hub

The Camunda Community Hub is a GitHub Organization for Camunda community contributed extensions.


Welcome to the Camunda Community Hub!

The Camunda Community Hub is a project to empower our open source community extension maintainers, and encourage new contributors to get started contributing to the Camunda open source ecosystem.

Extensions in the Camunda Community Hub organization are independently led and maintained projects by members of the broader Camunda open source community, some of whom happen to be Camunda employees, or are projects/tutorials that are created and maintained by the Camunda Developer Relations team!

⚠️ Camunda extensions found in the Camunda Community Hub are maintained by the community and are not part of the commercial Camunda product. Camunda does not support community extensions as part of its commercial services to enterprise customers.

Table of Contents

Existing community extensions

You can find a list of existing community extensions by browsing the repostories in this GitHub organization.

You can also browse by Awesome Lists created by the community.

How to contribute

  1. Open an issue in the community repository and ask to be invited to join the Camunda Community Hub (if you are not already a member).

  2. Review our contributor guide and Code of Conduct.

  3. Now either:

Contributor resources

Share your work

We highly encourage you to share about your extension, its wider impact for the open source community, and what made you decide to build a community extension. We have the following platforms available:

We also encourage you to share in whatever way you would like! Write a blog post, make a video demonstration, share at a meet-up -- and then let everyone know about your project!

Troubleshooting and community support

If you have further questions or are encountering a problem, remember that the community is here to help!

  • The Camunda Community Hub GitHub Discussions is for issues or requests regarding the Community Hub specifically.
  • For specific projects, please reach out according to that repo's guidelines.
  • The Camunda user forum is helpful for troubleshooting and asking questions about all things Camunda.
  • Or, reach out to the Camunda DevRel team by tagging us in an issue or PR @camunda-community-hub/devrel or via email:
    • Note: Tagging @camunda-community-hub/devrel works best so we can get to you as quickly as possible.


This section is a work in progress, pardon our mess!

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Mia Moore
Mia Moore

Amara Graham
Amara Graham


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


  1. devrel-team Public

    Our goal is to create amazing resources for you, our technical community. Want to know who we are and what we do? Keep reading.

    6 7

  2. community Public

    Welcome to the Camunda Community Hub! This is the starting point for those interested in joining and contributing to the Camunda Community Hub.

    19 7

  3. Opinionated GitHub action to release community projects to Maven Central

    Shell 6 4

  4. Pom which can be inherited for community hub maven releases defining some common release properties

    3 1

  5. maven-template Public template

    Forked from zeebe-io/maven-template

    Empty maven project with defaults that incorporates Camunda Community Hub best practices.

    Java 3 3

  6. template-repo Public template

    A template repository to build new Camunda Community Hub extensions from.

    1 3