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camunda logo Camunda BPM Assert User Guide

This project wants to make it easier to write tests for BPMN process definitions executed with Camunda BPM. For that reason, a set of assertions based on Joel Costigliola's AssertJ rich assertions library for java are provided as well as a few little helpers to make it a bit easier to drive you through your process.

Getting started

Table of Contents

Advanced topics

Add Camunda BPM Assert to Eclipse

Eclipse will remove the static import, when it organizes the imports. Thus it is recommended to add camunda-bpm-assert to your 'Content Assist Favorites'. In Eclipse go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Content Assist -> Favorites -> New Type... and add the following type:


Using a non-default process engine

In case you want to test with a process engine, which is neither the default engine, nor the only one ramped up, you can bind a specific process engine to your testing thread by means of the following initialisation code. This makes the assertions aware of your process engine, e.g.:

   public void setUp() {
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